Decentralized Gambling protocol which brings a new way of earning crypto.
Solaris Betting is an online cryptocurrency gaming platform, fully decentralized and anonymous, where everyone is able to enjoy a fair play, fun time and an innovative gamer experience.
Sometimes all of us wonder if the streak of luck or misfortune is really random or just a fool's play from the game master. These thoughts always occurred to us as we were playing Fortnite or a round of poker with our friends.
Well, we love a good game, but we also like to know it's fair - and that's why we've created Solaris Betting, for you, and for us.

What are Solaris's key features

  • A unique interactive gaming experience with animations sound effects ready to be unleashed soon in the metaverse
  • Many different games including Dice, Coin Toss, Roulette, Price Predictions and others. All accessible easily on BSC platform.
  • A token at the center of the protocol with multiple use cases and deflationary mechanisms: $SBT
  • A staking program to share the project profits with the community
  • A transparent system with a complete protocol analytics dashboard
  • A community-driven protocol with multiple incentives, rewards, and surprises!

Our vision

  • Decentralized: We're powered and partner with the most advanced technologies to create the most decentralized application with respect to your privacy, no censorship, and your reliability treated as the highest priority
  • Legit: In our desire to be implemented for the long term, we have made every effort to obtain all the necessary legal authorizations.
  • Secure: We use the most secured tools in crypto space with all our contracts successfully audited.
  • Immersive: We're focused on building immersive games to start building the future of gaming and social gambling on metaverse.
To build great products and ensure our vision, we have brought together an all-around team composed of marketing experts, senior developers, a product designer, a graphic and game designer. Check the team page to learn more about us.
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