You have to learn the game's rules, and then you have to play better than anyone else.

Daily Wheel

The wheel spins to fulfill your dreams!
A special game, rewarding loyal users of the platform on a daily basis. The wheel allows the user to not only regularly replenish the wallet with new tokens and assets, but also receive unique prizes: status cards, NFT boxes, branded merchandise, Flip's Star tickets, quests & missions, access to private events, community privileges, etc.
Member status owners will be able to win prizes up to $100.
A daily wheel bonus game will be available for Bronze+ status holders, where everyone can try their luck to win the Jackpot of over 100 000 USDT, which is constantly replenished.
The higher the status, the higher the chances of winning the Jackpot.


The game is played with a 100 sided dice. The game's goal is to guess whether the lucky number will be above your chosen number.
1) Choose a number from 1 to 99
2) Set your bet amount and the token (SBT, MATIC, BNB, AVAX, or partner's ERC20)
3) Press the Roll button to initiate the transaction with your wallet
Wait for a few seconds, and see if you've won...

Coin Toss -
Live on BSC

The game is played with a two-sided coin. The game's goal is to guess whether the lucky coin face will be Heads or Tails.
1) Choose Heads or Tails by clicking on the coin
2) Set your bet amount and the token
3) Press the Flip button to initiate the transaction with your wallet
Wait for a few seconds, and see if you've won...


The player may choose to place a bet on a single number, various groupings of numbers, the color red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or if the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18). The winnings are then paid to the player who has placed a successful bet.
You can't place bet with different amount on each number, between numbers.
In future version of the Roulette, we'll get closer to the original roulette.

Poker - Texas Hold'em

Solaris Betting Poker will operate on Binance smart contract based crypto-currency protocols and will introduce a new cryptocurrency called $SBT. The most important advantage of using our cryptocurrency is that you can buy it online no matter where you are. The second advantage is the speed of processing. Players can fund or withdraw from their Solaris Betting Poker account instantaneously. Hence, the Token has enormous utility.
Our main goal is to create next generation poker, which must meet our strict criteria:
• Transparent & Fair - it should rely on the blockchain to verify gameplay.
• Fast & Cheap - there should be zero latency between the user pressing any UI button and seeing the result. Moreover, it should avoid expensive costs of blockchain transactions and data storage.
Solaris Betting Poker will merge traditional poker models with the cryptocurrency world, maximizing the chance of success. This will combine two communities as well, poker players and crypto investors. Whilst there will be some overlap, in general poker players can be thought of as the mass market while crypto investors, at this stage, are more niche.
Our Token will be listed on various exchanges and has great potential to increase on the strength and success of the poker platform. This will suit investors who might not have an underlying interest in poker.


Did you know that you can earn $SBT if you guess right without risking your tokens?
At Solaris Betting we want to compensate those holders who are actively seeking for new ways of earning. Our predictors allow Solaris Betting's holders to try to guess the correct answer and earn the proportional amount of the total prize. These events are about to guess the winner of a tournament, a specific result of a match or a special result.
Main Features:
  • Multiple choice questions.
  • Predict the correct one by locking a fixed amount of $SBT showed on each option.
  • Get your tokens back after the lock-up period expires (1 month). ALWAYS! (Yes, even if your guess is wrong).
  • Submit multiple predictions to increase your odds.
  • A decent amount of $SBT prize pool is distributed among the winners.