Revenue distribution

Distribution of Solaris Betting's income into dividends and rewards.

House edge revenue

The house edge distribution is divided in several parts. If the bet is won, the house edge is taken and distributed following these rules:
  • 40% goes to reward our stakers as dividends.
  • 25% for the treasury (funds are used to buyback tokens to increase liquidity or to be burned)
  • 20% goes for the referrers of the Solaris gamer. If the gamer has no referrer, the amount is distributed evenly across the others house edge allocations.
  • 15% for the team
This split is subject to change. We'll always ask Solaris Betting's community to vote on our DAO to adapt the distribution.

Treasury usage

The house edge's treasury allocation will be used as follows:
  • Buyback Solaris Betting tokens with MATIC, BNB, AVAX, or other ERC20 to:
    • Increase liquidity
    • Burn $SBT to follow our deflationary token strategy
  • Top up the Solaris Betting bank balance to get a higher games payout. That will sustain Solaris Betting buy pressure.
  • Pay our freelancers, partners, and agencies to develop the platform.